August 14, 2013

Big white box

This is the start of a commercial mural project. Base coat completion.

Xstine cook rode up on her bike to my door on Friday with a rush request to paint some words on the Brick Box studio building in Inglewood. I made a call and we arranged a meeting. Here is the before pictures.
 My past student Jesse Gouchey has been painting on this building for an animated graffiti project he has been working on. His work can be seen at his website:
Alas, it rained so no painting could be done over the week-end. A few days later I walked over, met the owner and listened to what he wanted me to do. He wanted the box painted over white and a Steve Jobs quote painted on it. He is planning on parking one of his Land Rovers on the roof on Monday and he needs the box ready for the event. His plan is to sell these specialty collector vehicles thru his website :
We drove to Rona and picked up the supplies and I got to work. This ladder is scary to work on and the brick is drinking up the paint. This part is a real pain in the ass and time sucker. But I want to do the best job I can so I'm sweating it out.
Luckily many passers by have improved my outlook. The neighbor brought me some gatorade to help what he called "the beautification of the neighborhood" project. He also offered up the cardboard from his hardwood to protect the ground. Then my buddy Ben drove up after work and offered a paint sprayer. When you have the right tools for the job, the work goes far better. I've never used a paint sprayer like this before, I love it!
I wrapped up as night began to fall. The box is white and the owner and myself are happy with the first stage of the work! Now I have to wait to paint because of other client work and teaching my final cartooning class tonight. But I'm coming up with some mock ups of the lettering he wants as examples before I begin painting.

Keep an eye out, the truck will be lifted on top of the box and the words will be finished by this Monday.


blue said...

I'm going to slit my wrists. I know you don't care what I do anyway. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Blue, you suck. Why don't you bother people who are assholes instead? Why do the good people get bothered? Eat your own words.