March 13, 2013

how do you like them apples?

In my studio I created some apples out of styro-foam balls from the dollarama. I coated them in a base coat of red acrylic paint and pierced them with a toothpick.
In order for them not to get suck to a surface while they dried I invented another use for dried up rice cakes.

I painted a second layer once they dried in a rough textural way to add more depth and colour. I then applied yet more reds and topped them off with some red sparkles.

Here is the plasticine tree I built as an animation on the spinning lazy susan.
Here is the general set up once the lights had been turned back on and after all the leaves (tiny drink umbrellas) had blossomed.
You can see the twists and turns of the trunk. It got so hot in the studio space under the lights the plasticine got soft and the entire thing slumped.
You can see in this close up the delicious looking fruit amongst the colourful umbrella foliage.
You can see Lindsay Sorrel doing some wacky stuff outside my window space while I shoot this scene.
This is the tree after the shoot and after it slumped. I had to use many bamboo skewers both inside the structure and on the outside to have it stay up. I think it turned out really pretty.
The shot from outside my space before going home for the week-end.

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