October 21, 2011

....round and round, round and round......

Class ends, I hang with Dizzy D for a bit afterward and check out his latest Artical clothing video on You Tube. SEE IT HERE. This After Effects Class is paying off for at least 1 student! 

My first step is laying the painting down on my painters pyramids and going over the entire surface with clear primer. This will help protect the surface if I make any mistake or don't like how the drips I'm taking a chance on, look. Plus it protects and punches up the colors already put down. I dripped Indian red over the entire surface to further set back the details. Then I sit back and eagerly wait to see...... WTF!? Have I done???

After sitting back for a moment, I decided to just go for! I added on more drip layer from the bottom to the top with  Transparent Yellow Oxide, which is fairly close to the yellow ochre I used previously.  Either I've got balls or I've made a mistake. And I'm right near the finish line and now have a lot more work repainting this thing, just maybe? I can't decide which one, oh wait, I'm going to have to answer with and astounding.......I've got balls! (Shit eating grin ensues.) Then I flipped it over and did one more round of burnt umber mixed with some iridescent copper dripping, why not?) dripping from the top - Holy Sh*t he's gone crazy!!! Maybe just a little bit =;P

I spritz the whole thing down as I go. Even though it's acrylic, I still have to wait a bit for paint to dry. Now, with only  a few moments left, I need some resolution to this piece, enough to confidently hang it tomorrow.....

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