September 25, 2011


The show looked sensational at the SKEW Gallery.  This is such a great gallery, with the expansions and three shows currently on exhibition plus the preview of ' Animated Delight'.....Skew is a great place to see a lot of good art in just one stop!!!

I took some quick photos of the my stuff in the TREX collection on my iphone for those who couldn't make the show and want a sneak peak at how some of the framed work looks.

These two pieces are beautifully framed works from my previous solo exhibition, Sacred Images.

Here are the two pieces made from various  drawings from my Animation 'Twosday' which is also on display.

Here are selected works from myself,  Leslie Bell and Stefanie Wong on display at the Skew Gallery.

Skew Gallery Director Bart Habermiller displays the craftsmanship of the TREX shipping units. Leslie and Chris Bell's are picture in front.

I was happy to see the other artists and to chat with them. The gallery was extremely inviting and had coffee and good snacks, always a welcome surprise. Skew is the host with the most! ASA Trex program Curator Les Pinter was in good form, though I was a little disappointed that there was no representative from the Quickdraw Animation Society who acted as a partner for this exhibition.

The good news: You still have a chance to see the whole collection before it travels Southern Alberta for the next two years. It is up until Twosday for those who can make the jaunt down to the Skew Gallery =;)

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