May 9, 2011

Richard Halliday, RCA

A huge inspiration, Richard Halliday, and artist who creates lyrical paintings in black and white is finally represented online in Social Media.  Michael Markowsky created a page on facebook as a Tribute Page to one of the world's greatest LIVING artists. The biography alone is worth the read. I was lucky enough to study and befriend Richard while at ACAD. He is a legend!

You can also check out Richard's work at his website: Do it!

Constellation Series: 2005, 66"H x 106"W (167.6 x 269.2 cm)
Titanium white oil stick on bone black acrylic ground on canvas
Trepanier Baer Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Fay_Moose_Art said...

Thanks. Loved it

Markowsky said...

Thanks Brian for spreading the word about this great man and great artist.