September 15, 2010

Serious ass kicking

Kicked some ass today!
I spent the day repairing some vandalism and improving the 'public artwork' appropriateness of my music box. More on that installation another time, or visit my website and click the NEWS section. I also picke up a tonne of groceries for my B-day bash this week-end. It will be raining, like it is now, so we will see how we do.


This drawing started out as representation of an object in my living room and developed until it became a superhero robot flying through the air seemingly after having his ass kicked an his cape lit on fire.  I really liked the position of the angling front arms and the thrown back head. The body I had a few problems getting into position but I am happy how the final piece turned out. It is just a sketch after all;)

HB pencil and prismacolor markers.

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