February 16, 2010


I had an AFA grant that I decided to write this week-end. It went better than expected! This is my lucky 13th try, no successes. My fingers will be crossed for the next few months.  This project allowed me to
catch up on my daily drawing practice by producing a number of storyboards for my application. I spent a whole day drawing the inking and shading with my grey scale Prismacolor pens.

Here are some hot air balloons. instead of baskets they carry whales into the air.

Later this bunny in a biplane drops bombs onto the landscape.

These tasty dancing snacks are enticing the movie monsters appetite in the front row.

But when fire breaks out, they get frantic. The red carpet turns out to be a tongue, oh no.

And wash them snacks down with some bubbly soda that melts your skin.
Popcorn anyone?

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